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Some of our projects

The Wilson Project

Steve worked with us on four major projects in the process of adapting a house built in 1816 to our living needs. I don't make a practice of writing endorsements but we unreservedly recommend Steve for his integrity, the quality of his work and the results. - Leigh A and Frances V Wilson

The Kathi Project

First of all, the kitchen is looking so great. I cannot tell you how much I love it! I think all the trim looks excellent. I love the large opening to the dining table all trimmed out, the window above the sink… everything. I just want you guys to know that just because I am crazy busy so much of the day (with all kinds of surprises in my day, as you know), I appreciate the beautiful job you guys have done and there is not one single piece of it that I am not thrilled with. We really do love everything and appreciate all of your direction, advice, etc.etc.etc. You and Leo are extremely talented and it always makes me happy when you leave your mark on another part of our home!

image of house